Fortum & Mason introduces Cerrosughero Extra Vergin Olive Oil DOP Canino

CerrosugheroLondon- After the immense success of last Saturday, Italian Master Chef Carmelo Carnevale, President of the Italian Professional Chefs Association, APCI-UK,  will delight once again the palates of customers at Fortnum & Mason, where he will prepare dishes enhanced by the qualities of Cerrosughero Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Italy’s Latium region, in the north of Rome, is  home  to Canino, ‘the City of Oil’.  In this region Extra Vergin Olive Oil of exceptional qualities has been produced since Etruscan times.

In November, the olives are harvested at their peak of ripeness and carefully transported to the press, with extraordinary, measures taken to prevent them from being bruised, damaged or over-heated.  To make sure they retain their wonderful qualities the olives are pressed within 24 hours.

The DOP (Controlled Designation of Origin) certification of Canino is a guarantee of the oil’s absolute quality and typicality.  the strict conditions of DOP certification demand that every aspect of producing the oil (method of cultivation, harvesting time, milling and storage systems) is regulated, and that tests are undertaken to verify the absence of defects and to confirm the quality and nutritional properties of the oil.

This wonderful Extra Vergine Olive Oil can be tested

on the 25th of July

at Fortnum & Mason

from 11.00 am to 5.00pm.



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