Warm Lobster salad with spring vegetables

Lobster salad



Serves 6:

4 lobsters 700gr each
4 medium asparagus
4 artichokes
2 Belgian endive
2 bunches of rocket salad
80 g of green beans
100 g cherry tomatoes
1 red onion
1 bay leaf `
2 lemons
100g extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
6/8 leaves basil


1. Remove outer leaves from artichokes and cut them in two, remove all the small leaves  inside and boil them in salted boiling water for 5 minutes, after which, cool them in iced water.
2.Boil asparagus and green beans for  3 minutes keeping them crispyand cool them immediately in iced water

3.Wash and dry the rocket salad and endive.
4.Dress  the salads and vegetables with extra virgin olive oil, add the tomatoes cut in half, salt, pepper, chopped basil, onion slices and lemon juice.
5.Cook the lobster for 10 minutes in boiling salted water with a lemon and a bay leaf.

6.Lay the plate with the vegetables and salad   put  the lobster meat with claws on top, finish the dish by seasoning with extravergin olive oil, lemon juice salt and pepper.
7.This dish can also be served cold

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