London, profile of a chef, Carmelo Carnevale


Carmelo Carnevale

Carmelo Carnevale

London – Carmelo Carnevale, was introduced to restaurant kitchens as a five-year-old boy. ‘My uncle was the general manager of a hotel in Syracuse, my home town, and he took me into the kitchen. I watched this very old-style chef with a big hat and moustache, and I thought, this is what I would like to do.’  By the age of 13 he was washing plates in a restaurant, and at weekends his grandmother taught him how to cook. ‘We used to make bread in the wood oven – focaccia and pizza. She taught me how to make cavatelli, a type of pasta from Sicily. It’s like gnocchi but made from semolina flour and served with a meat sauce.’

Carmelo’s career has taken him all over Europe and Russia – and to some of London’s leading restaurants and famous private clubs, receiving rave reviews for his authentic but accessible Italian dishes. Carmelo has also enjoyed a number of high profile private appointments.

Carmelo’s particular passion is for typical Italian Mediterranean dishes, served family style. His enjoyment is enhanced by the constant seasonal changes as the products become available.

Carmelo is now really proud to work for the biggest Russian restaurateur, Mr Arkady Novikov and also to be appointed as a delegate president for the Italian Profesional Chefs Association (APCI) for UK.

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